“Truly, one of the most unique places on Mother Earth, tropical nature interplays with dark expansive lava.”

The coastline fronting Ma’ukele Lodge consists of a vast extent of pahoehoe lava flow.  The world renowned Black sand beach of Kaimu bay, no longer exists; that along with the Hawaiian villages of Kalapana and Kaimu have been changed dramatically in recent times by nature.

The episodic cycles of lava that began in Jan 3, !983 from Puu O’o vent of the southeast rift zone of Kilauea volcano has claimed much of this southeastern portion of the Puna district.

Growth and destruction are constant companions here in the newest part of Hawaii. Several new jet black sand beaches were created along this rugged coastline, during the 1990-91 Puu o’o eruption. A black sand beach was formed by chance, directly in front of the lodge. This small cove, that fronts Ma’ukele Lodge, consists of a black sand beach that reforms itself on a daily basis depending on the power of the Puna surf. Locals and visitors walk out along the coastline daily to view, surf, or fish beside the ever changing enigma that is the Puna coastline.

Caveat: Currently the lava is not actively flowing into the sea as the photograph above depicts.


Welcome to my wonderful little part of paradise.